Safe off ground measuring in the mains with oszillosscopes


Offground measurement option for measurements in the mains for Oszilloscopes, Stripchart writer or Computer up to 800V- to ground and 1500V differential.

da 1000 vn
  • Protects from current through grounding earth of your instrument

  • Protects from overvoltage and induction spikes

  • Differential input 800V off ground and 1500V differential

  • Attenuator accuracy better 1% Optional 0.1%

  • Measurement on high off ground potential

  • Internal battery operation for 180hours ~ 1 week

  • DC power intput 12-24VDC for charging and 24h operation

Order Inforation:
DA 1000 VN Offground measurement option for grounded Instruments

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