Programmer Upgrade


Upgrade ist nur möglich, wenn die Firmware Version mitdestens 2.0 ist.

Feststellen der Firmware Version:

Die Firmware Version wird nach dem Starten der Software angezeigt, wenn der Programmer angeschlossen ist.



1. Turn off the programmers power switch and unplug the power cable.
2. Release the lever of the 48pin ZIF socket, so that it is vertically oriented.
3. Disassemble the 4 screws securing the upper housing to the base chassis.
4. Lift off the upper case, then disassemble the upper PCB (store this PCB on an antistatic foil or bag), then remove and retain the 4 stand-offs securing the lower PCB to the base chassis.
5. Carefully unplug the DC power connector from the lower PCB (see Figure 4), then carefully unplug the AC mains input connector from the DC switching power supply PCB (see Figure 3).
6. Remove the DC power supply from the base chassis (store this PCB safely, too).
7. Unscrew the 2 screws securing the lower PCB of the upgrade kit to the base chassis, and refasten the lower PCB of the upgrade kit to the base chassis again by using the 4 stand-offs taken from the original unit. (see Figures 1 & 2).

8. Reassemble the DC switching power supply into the upgrade kits base chassis.
9. Reconnect the AC mains power connector to the DC switching power supply. (see Figure 3)
10. Connect the DC output power connector from the switching power supply to the lower PCB of the upgrade kit. (see Figure 4).

11. Carefully align and insert the upper PCB into the sockets of the lower PCB. Make sure to insert the isolating washer between the upper left stand off and the upper PCB, (see Figure5) and place the second insulating washer below the screw head up the upper right screw as detailed in the pictures below (see Figure6). Use the screw with the small head (see Figure5) in the upper left position (power supply oriented on the left side).

12. Make sure that the 48 pin ZIF programmer socket is firmly seated in its socket on the upper PCB.
13. Run the new software release, and perform a self test of the programmer. If no error is encountered, the upgrade has been successfully completed.
14. Interface : use either the USB or DB-25 parallel port connector (higher speed than USB due to heavy handshaking in the programming and verifying modes). Setup the PC to run the parallel port in EPP mode (EPP mode recommended).

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